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DST -FIST- Laboratory

DST - FIST Virtual and Network Laboratory consists of graphical, mathematical and Simulation softwares like Gaussian 3.1, Meda VAS, Origin 7.1, Mat lab, SSPS etc., for the Research Scholars and PG Students

DST - FIST Instrumentation Laboratory is a state -of- the- art laboratory  consists of the following sophisticated instruments for the Research Scholars.

1. FT-IR Spectrometer

2. UV-Vis Spectophotometer

3. Gas Chormotograph

4. Electrochemical Work station

5. Viscometer (Brookfields')

6. Nano Electro Spinning Unit (ESPIN-NANO), for making of nanofibers

6.Fully Automated  Biochem Analyzer,

7. Gel Documentation XR+,

8. Refrigerated Centrifuge,

9. Cell Counter,

10. CO2 Incubator, BOD Incubator,

11.ELISA Reader,  

12. Ultra Centrifuge,

13. Microwave Bench X and K band,

14. Pulsed Echo Interferometer etc.

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