Home Examinations Objectives


  1. To improve the understanding capacity of the learners as marks awarded do not represent the real worth of the students

  2. To reduce the external examination component and increasing the continuous internal assessment (CIA) component.

  3. To move away from mark system in evaluation to grading system.

  4. To offer curricular flexibility and students mobility by offering Choice Based Credit System (CBCS).

  5. To bring such reforms in the examination system which is expected from the society by keeping in mind the current trends.

  6. To implement reforms keeping in view of our own experience with the best practices.

  7. To bring effective and uniform methodology in assessing the performance of the students.

  8. To bring reforms in the pattern of CIA, Question Paper Pattern, Selection of Examiners, Evaluation Procedure, Grading and Publishing results etc.

  9. To establish question bank in each curricular area to improve the quality of question papers.

  10. To ensure credibility, transparency in evaluation process, encouraging reassessment of answer scripts by providing   the Xerox copies of answer scripts.

  11. To train and develop the moral, social and aesthetic as well as rational capacity of student.

  12. To monitor the students through CIA.

  13. To bring significant improvement in the whole process of examination from registration to  generation of exam hall ticket and generation to mark sheet (grade sheet) error free by using computer technology to the maximum extent.

  14. To train students to face competitive examination, OMR type of answering method may be evolved.

  15. To ensure in depth understanding of the subject, multiple choice questions maybe encouraged and it will avoid subjective evaluation.

  16. To evolve a system of checks at every stage, leakage of question paper from setting, printing, safe custody and distribution.

  17. To avoid malpractice in exam, tampering of answer booklets, tampering with mark sheets, and certificates.

  18. To redress the grievances from registration to examination, evaluation and declaration of result.

  19. To avoid errors in the process of data entry.

  20. To ensure speed and accuracy at every stage of examination.


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