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Duties and Responsibilities of the Observer


1. The Observer shall reach the college one hour before the commencement of examination and contact the Examination Coordinator.
2. The Observer shall check all arrangements and take essential measures in consultation with Coordinator of the Examination.
3. The Observer shall follow all instructions of the Coordinator/COE/Chief Superintendent.
4. The Observer MUST BE PRESENT at the time of opening of the question paper packets and check the seal, date etc.The packet should be opened in the presence of the Observer and Coordinator only.
5. The observer shall ascertain the intactness of Question paper packet and he has to sign on the Question paper cover by recording the time and date of the Question paper packet as per the time table. If he found any discrepancy, it should be brought to the notice of coordinator /COE/Chief Superintendent immediately.
6. The observer shall inspect all the examination halls at frequent intervals of time and see that no student indulges in any type of Malpractice.
 7. The observer shall verify the authenticity of the candidate’s Identity who is writing the examination and in case of any impersonation, he must bring it to the notice of coordinator / COE /Chief-Superintendent.
8. In the event of Malpractice the observer must record the Malpractice case and inform the coordinator / COE /Chief-Superintendent immediately.
 9. The observer shall assist the coordinator in the scrutiny of answer books at the closure of the Examination.  He should ensure that in his presence, the answer books are placed inside the packets and packets are sealed with cellophane tapes. He has to affix his signature and along with the facsimile of the Chief Superintendent.
10. In case of any serious lapses; the observer shall at once bring the matter to the notice of the COE / Chief Superintendent.

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