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Important Instruction to Students for CIA Examinations

1. Students should come fully prepared and take their examinations sincerely.
2. Students are permitted to enter the hall only 15 minutes before the commencement of examination. They can be late to the hall only for 15 minutes from the time of commencement of examination. Students are not permitted to leave the hall till the completion of examination.
3. II, III year UG and II year PG Students are not permitted to write the examination without ID card.
4. Malpractice, if any, such as possession of any incriminating materials including mobile phones in the examination hall and copying during the examination will be severely dealt with by imposing punishments such as cancellation of examination taken, debarring in the future examinations or even dismissal from the college.
5. Students should keep their belongings those are not required for examination outside the hall (or) the place specified by the college authorities. Students are permitted to posses materials like pen, pencil, ruler, eraser, non-memory calculators (with the permission of supervisor), Hall ticket and ID card.
6. Students are not permitted to write anything on the question paper, hall ticket (or) anywhere in the hall except the on the answer script provided to them.
7. Students should first fill up the Register number, paper code, centre code etc., given the first page.
8. It is the responsibility of the students to check the intactness of their answer script before handed over the same to invigilators.
9. Students should take their belongings, Hall ticket and ID card etc., before they leave the examination hall.
10. Students are not permitted to re-enter the hall for any reasons without the prior permission of chief superintendent.

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