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Re - accredited by the NAAC with ''A'' grade

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DST -FIST- Laboratory

DIST - FIST - lab is a state of art lab established recently.  It consists of the following instruments for the scholars.

1. FTIR Spectrometer

2. UV-Vis Spectometer

3. Gas Chormotograph

4. Electrochemical Work station

5. Nano Electro Spinning Unit (ESPIN-NANO), for making of nanofibers

6.Fully Automated  Biochem Analyzer,

7. Gel Documentation XR+,

8. Refrigerated Centrifuge,

9. Cell Counter,

10. CO2 Incubator, BOD Incubator,

11.ELISA Reader,  

12. Ultra Centrifuge,

13. Microwave Bench X and K band,

14. Pulsed Echo Interferometer etc.

  • DST Sponsored Virtual and Network Laboratory: DST-FIST sponsored Network Laboratory consists of graphical, mathematical and Simulation software like Gaussian 3.1, Meda VAS, Origin 7.1, Mat lab, SSPS etc., for the research scholars.