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NSS Swachh Bharat Mission Activities 17.09.2016

NSS – Swachh Bharat Mission – Activities – 17.09.2016 – reg.



          I am to inform you that as per the instructions of the Ministry, the following activities have to be organised by all the NSS Units under your jurisdiction on 17.09.2016. (Saturday).


1.    Organisation of various Cleaning activities like Statue Cleaning, Public Places Cleaning etc.

2.    Organisation of Programmes in which donation of clothes, providing Food to the poor people, providing money to the poor students to pay their School Fees,   donating Medicine and Fruits to the poor patients in the Hospitals, providing Shoes, Chappals to the bare foot Children and other such donation may be done and encouraged.

3.    Taking resolutions on educating Girl Children and their  Empowerment.

4.    Contact with the old and destitute people of the Society by visiting their huts and Hospitals and provide moral support and strength to them.

5.    Organising Programmes by involving general public like Blood donation, clothes donation and Books donation etc.


          In view of the above, you are requested to instruct all NSS Units under your jurisdiction to observe the day in a befitting manner by organising suitable Programmes.


          You are requested to send a brief report indicating the nature of activities undertaken during the day number of NSS Volunteers and other agencies involved in the Programme along with action photographs, Paper Clippings etc, by e-mail soon after completion of the Programme.


          Your kind cooperation and early necessary action in the matter is highly solicited.

Yours faithfully, 




Copy to:  The State NSS Officer, Tamil Nadu & Puducherry.


Kind Regards


C.Samuel Chelliah Regional Director