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Guidelines to Mentors



Our students are our most valuable resources. Student mentoring represents the most tangible bridge in continuing the traditions of excellence. Mentoring has been defined as the process by which the course teacher guides the development of a section of students seen as the protégé or the mentee. The mentor offers guidance, counseling, encouragement and support in the form of pragmatic and objective assistance. The following are the guidelines for mentors in every academic session.

  1. Mentoring is a confidential activity in which both parties have a bonding of care towards each other.
  2. The mentor has to collect and maintain the bio-data of the students.  The same may be handed over to HOD as soon as the mentees complete the course.
  3. He has to identify the talented as well as non-performing students and maintain a progress report.
  4. Apart from the routine guidance in the regular college hours, the mentor should counsel the students once in a week out of the working hours and this meeting must be recorded in the progress report. 
  5. A mentor is responsible for maintaining the attendance, internal and external marks of the students.
  6. He acts as envoy between the course students and principal, controller of examination, office as well as parents and be over all in-charge of the academic performance of the students.
  7. Mentor has to get the feedback of the course before the end semester examinations.  The feedback report must be handed over to IQAC co-coordinator through the principal.
  8. Mentor will be provided with a register for making entries of all the information.  He will also be provided with standard format for progress report and feedback form.
  9. HOD’s of the concerned department will supervise the overall functioning of the mentoring system.
  10. Mentoring program nurtures, recognizes and rewards the growth of our students.  It is a great service to the student community so that they can contribute their might towards national building.