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Guidelines to HODs regarding the use of Lab funds




The following are guidelines to assist the heads of the departments for the best utilization of the allocated funds in accordance with the vision and mission of this institution. The procedures and methodologies provided underneath is to easy the department and administrators to present their assets, stocks and accounts in a better way and maintain transparency during the process of audit.


  1. Heads of the departments are asked to constitute a purchase committee consists of 1-2 (UG department) / 2-3 (PG department) senior members of the department.  Head of the department is the convener of the committee.
  2. Yearly budget is prepared by the committee before the call for quotation based on the immediate and long term requirements of the department. 
  3. As soon as they received the funds allocation letter from the authorities, the head of the department is empowered to call for the quotations through the Principal of the institution.
  4. At least a minimum of three quotations must be called for and the same must be used to prepare a comparative statement.
  5. While preparing the comparative statement the rate of the each item, taxes and term and conditions must be checked and compared (Annexure 1)
  6. A separate statement must be prepared for equipments, chemicals and glassware.   Purchase of Computers is allowed only in the form of spares not as a single unit.
  7. Committee/principal investigator can select any item based on the need of the department / project from the comparative statement and they are directed to prefer only the lowest quoted items.  If the committee /principal investigator prefers any item in the higher end, then they should pass a resolution stating reasons for the requirement and the same must be attached to the comparative statement.
  8. Final form of the comparative statements and all enclosures along with the minutes of the meeting duly signed by the convener and members should be presented for the final approval of the Principal.
  9.  As soon as it is approved the head of the department is empowered to send orders to various companies through Principal.
  10. The order must contain due date for supply, mode of transport, payment mode etc.


  1. Heads of the departments are directed to make entries in the following books immediately after the receipts of items in good condition.
    1. Invoice Register
    2. Stock Register
    3. Inventory Register ( At the end of the academic year)
    4. Asset Register (Available in the Smart Campus Software)
  2. Invoice must be submitted with page number entry of the stock register and note about the asset entry along with the approval signature of the head of the department.  Duly filled invoice enclosure (Annexure 2) is always accompanied with the every invoice.
  3. Separate Stock register must be maintained for Annual Grant, UGC Grant, Autonomous Grant and Project Grant. Items purchased under all grants can be maintained in the same invoice and inventory registers with necessary remarks in red ink.
  4. All equipments purchased under different grants must be noted legibly on the equipments using paint about the nature of the grant and year of purchase.
  5. Under any circumstances the purchase should not exceed the amount allotted.   A Special permission is needed in case of any excess purchase at extreme situations.
  6. Departments are strictly directed to purchase equipments only using UGC and Autonomous Grants.  They are not permitted to purchase chemical and glassware and consumables using these grants.
  7. Department should submit the total asset value every year along with the updated  inventory to the Principal  after reducing  the depreciation cost for the necessary equipments and consumables. 
  8. In the case of project funds, the principal investigator is solely responsible for purchase and maintenance of all above said records. He has to follow purchase procedure 4-10 and general procedure 2-5.
  9. Principal Investigators are directed to hand over all the items including books, journals and software purchased under the project to the Principal as soon as project completed officially. 
  10. The over head charges allowed in any scheme must be handed over to the principal when the project is near completion.