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Duties of Deans


Duties/Responsibilities of Deans


            The role of academic dean is multifaceted, challenging and often difficult to describe.  The Dean is an academic officer for a specified faculty. The Dean has a special role as the custodian of innovation and high standards in academic matters. It is his responsibility to stimulate and facilitate curriculum and program development, to ensure the academic integrity of programs, to maintain and enhance the standards of those programs by ensuring that good students are recruited, curriculum is carefully considered, programs and courses are staffed, equipped and delivered in a manner consistent with vision and mission of the college.

 The responsibility of a Dean is to:

Advise on academic matters (strategic developments, research initiatives and research funding bids, Research proposal submissions, etc) for Departments in their Faculty.

  • Maintaining good working relationships with faculty and administration in all academic and non-academic areas.
  • Maintaining effective communication between students and faculty within the College and with other academic units.
  • Articulating the college vision and mission, policy and procedures to members of the College.
  • Serve as a liaison with Departments on the preparation of Departmental Strategic Plans and to produce a Faculty Strategic Plan based on input from Heads of Departments in the Faculty, drawing on available Departmental and other relevant Strategic Plans.
  • Oversee (i) teaching and learning strategies and (ii) quality management and enhancement at Faculty level and in Departments across the Faculty, through chairing Faculty Teaching Committees.
  • Liaison with Faculty Mentors, HOD’s and Principal on all students academic matters.
  • To oversee examination matters at Faculty level through chairing Faculty Boards of Examiners.
  • Serving as a liaison with relevant professional associations and state and national regulatory and accrediting agencies.
  • To work with the Development & Alumni Relations Office and Faculty fundraising projects.
  • Do the Additional responsibilities as assigned by the Management and Principal time to time.